Some Of Our Environmental Initiatives

ReFUSE Partnership

We partnered with the team at ReFUSE to design our in-house recycling program, complete with compost, to minimize our waste.

Lifecycle Analysis

By analyzing the lifecycle of our beer, we’ve lowered our emissions by more than 30% per 6-pack over the past two years.

CO2 Recapture

Rather than purchasing CO2 created by burning fossil fuels, we recapture the CO2 produced from our own fermentation process.  Our CO2 recapture system is one-of-a-kind for its size, was built in-house and actually earned us the 2015 Master Brewers Association of America’s Award of Excellence in Sustainability.

Steam Recapture

Instead of being vented, we recapture the steam from brewing and use it to heat water for our next batch.

Refrigeration Reclamation

We know fridges are meant to cool, but we like to repurpose the heat from our refrigeration system to heat our office.

Bottle Pool Membership

We’re members of a bottle pool, using recycled bottles for our beer, which means every 341mL bottle of Phillips is reused an average of 13 times.

Spent Grain Program

After we finish with the grain from a brew, we gift it to a farmer, who re-gifts it to his cows as feed. It’s digested and re-re-gifted back to the earth.

Recycled Paper Labels

We don’t pay much attention to what we wear to work, but we choose to dress our beer with labels made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  Sometimes what’s on the outside counts too.

Glass Repurposing

Accidents repurposed on purpose: our broken glass is reused by a local company to make countertops.

Water Reduction Strategy

Eternally optimistic, we see your full pint glass 1/3 empty, since we use 30% less water per pint than we did 5 years ago.

Things We're Proud Of

  • 2015 The Drinks Business Magazine International Green Company of the Year
  • 2015 Recycling Council of BC Environmental Award - Private Sector
  • 2015 Master Brewers Association Sustainability Award
  • 2014 Green Living Excellence in Corporate Responsibility - Finalist
  • 2013 BC Food Processor's Association Sustainability Award