nspiratio Through Fermentation

It’s amazing what some beer nerds can accomplish with a little creativity and a welding torch. Weathering mountains of credit card debt, the occasional catastrophic beer flood and imploding tanks we’ve taken it all in stride. We’ve always kept it unconventional in all our approaches to craft brewing, malting and distilling as we constantly explore the craft beer frontier guided by unbridled creativity and an unwavering attention to quality.


the eer

Are you just here for the beer? We can’t blame you, craft brewing really gets our gears spinning too. We get to constantly combine and explore new styles and love to get creative while doing it. Head in here to see what we’ve been working on lately.

Upcoming vent

Our esponsibilit

  • Community

    One of craft beer’s super powers is bringing people together. When it’s for a good cause we love being there too. Art, food, music, and the environment just so happen to pair beautifully with our brews and here’s a few causes that we’ve been stoked to be a part of.

  • Environment

    Green beer isn’t just for St. Paddy’s Day. We have always tried to put our best hoof forward while treading lightly on Mother Earth. Here’s a few of our environmental initiatives we’re happy to share and hopefully inspire more creativity for helping our climate.

  • Meet our Maltworks

    Our Maltworks has been an excellent backdrop for concerts, movie nights and beer festivals but like most things, it’s what’s inside that counts. Our Maltworks is an exceptionally unique feature of our brewery and we’d love to share with you all why we took on this massive undertaking.