Introducing the Fermentorium’s Private Label Program!

This holiday season you can elevate your gift giving with a personalized label on a beautiful bottle of our Fermentorium’s Whisky. Whether you’re looking for the perfect company Christmas gift, or something “just because”, the Fermentorium at Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. is excited to offer you the opportunity to brand your own bottles of our whisky!

Branding Your Own Whisky

We’re giving you the opportunity to personalize your own whisky label! With this program you’ll be able to not only name your bottle of whisky, but also create a custom blend name and include your own personal/corporate logo.


The Private Label program starts at $34.99 per bottle. We are pleased to offer two sizing options to suit your needs. You can choose our 375mL bottles or our 750mL bottles. Please note that there is a minimum order of 6 bottles with additional savings available dependent on the number of bottles purchased. See below pricing structure for further details:




About the Whisky/Fermentorium

Conceived by the minds at Phillips Brewing Company, the Fermentorium is a distilling house where unrestrained creativity and a hand-crafted approach shape unique recipes of all kinds.

It’s a place where Old World craftsmanship meets modern techniques, as spirits are artisanally distilled in tandem on a classic 1920s British copper still affectionately christened ‘Old George’, and a modern German-built still.

Our international award-winning whisky is crafted with Vancouver Island grown barley, farmed close to the distillery and malted in house. We are proud to be a true farm to glass distillery, working with talented British Columbian farmers.

How to Order

This program is only available to residents on Vancouver Island or in Metro Vancouver.

Please note when placing your order that your customization only includes your personal/corporate logo, whisky blend name and brand name. 

If you have any further questions about the Private Label Program before placing your order, please send an email to