Beers On Tap

New Growler Glass is $5 & a fill is $11/New Growlita Glass is $5 & a fill is $6.50

With sixteen beers on tap every week, you choose then you cheers – all on the cheap. Bookmark us to be the first to know when our menu changes. We welcome any and all growlers providing they are under 2L in size. Don’t be shy about bringing in another brewery’s growler either. If it’s a really cool one expect a big thumb’s up from our staff.

*please note that we do not fill water bottles as those are in contravention to liquor policy

  • Amnesiac Double IPA8.5%
  • BC Benefit Brew Citrus Lager 4.8%
  • Blue Buck Ale5.0%
  • Electric Unicorn White IPA6.5%
  • Ginger Beer Ale5.0%
  • Glitterbomb Hazy Pale Ale5.0%
  • Hop Circle IPA6.5%
  • Implosion Pilsner5.0%
  • Little Wonder Dark Lager 4%
  • Longboat Chocolate Porter5.2%
  • Phoenix Gold Lager5.0%
  • Raspberry Wheat Ale5.0%
  • Short Wave Pale Ale5.2%
  • Solaris White Peach Ale4.3%
  • Space Goat Juicy IPA 6.2%
  • Tiger Shark Pale Ale4.7%