We are grateful and excited to be able to welcome you back to our Backyard again for live music and good times. This years Double Header is going to be packed full of amazing memories and fun, but also with our community’s safety at top of mind. 

Our number one priority is always to provide an incredible experience, from the beer you drink to the artists you see on stage – and this includes creating an environment that is safe, kind, and respectful. 

To help us create this incredible experience we ask all our attendees to work with us on adhering to public health guidelines. This includes following BC Provincial Health Guidelines as well as our own guidelines described below. As we get closer to welcoming you to back to our Backyard, our guidelines (Federal, Provincial, Local, and event specific) may change. We will provide our community with updates and information on our plans and what may be required of you to enter beyond a ticket to the show.  

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to comply with all Federal, Provincial, and Local laws, ordinance, regulations, and the rules of the event organizers when attending the event. 

 Accommodations will be made for those who have been unable to get vaccinated due to a Code-protected ground. We ask those individuals to notify us in advance, so we can work with them to find an alternate solution that will work for their specific situation.  

Under current COVID-19 event measures, we are operating under stage 3. Due to this, we are asking all attendees to bring a foldable, festival friendly chair. Please do not bring any hardback chairs or chairs that are considered “lawn furniture”. This policy will be updated to reflect any future changes to provincial policy. If you have further questions, please email us at info@phillipsbeer.com.  

Masks: Masks are encouraged but not mandatory. 

Vaccines: We are asking all guests attending to be fully vaccinated and are required to provide proof of vaccination when entering our venue at the Phillips Double Header. In the absence of a government vaccination passport, we will be asking you to show your vaccination card or provincially provided documentation.

If you are a BC resident and lost your vaccination card, you can obtain it online through https://www.healthgateway.gov.bc.ca/. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time to follow all the required steps in their process.

Safety: All attendees must adhere to the guidelines set out by Federal, Provincial, and Local government organizations and the event organizers – no exceptions. Guidelines are subject to change based on the Federal, Provincial, and Local governments and our guidelines are subject to change alongside. 

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.