May 19th, 2021 Our latest limited edition of One and Done takes a classic Northern German Gose recipe, and enhances the sour character with a boat load of fresh organic lemons. Our house lactobacillus strain takes centre stage once again during a primary souring fermentation.

Rich, zesty, with notes of coriander and black tea. This brew pours a rich full gold hue, with very little foam, and aromas of orange blossoms and lemon meringue.

The beer is juicy, full bodied and tart up front, fading to a gentle finish with lingering lemon zest on the finish. Flavours of iced tea and candied fruit are amplified with coriander and sea salt. This beer plays nice with pizza, tacos, and fried food. We love it for being simultaneously complex yet easy to drink.

Our One and Done Lemon Gose is available exclusively at our Beer Shop while they last! Don’t wait too long before it gose away though…