April 22nd, 2021 – We’ve got some great news to help celebrate Earth Day! A few weeks ago we were thrilled to share the news that The Mountain Road Forest Campaign was selected as the 2021 BC Benefit Brew winner. Now we’d like you to meet the 2021 Alberta Benefit Brew Winner: Project Forest!

Both 2021 BC and Alberta Benefit Brew winners are enhancing protected ecological spaces for all species to enjoy for many years to come. Highlighting the importance of conserving these vital green spaces is something we’re proud to amplify through our Benefit Brew campaign. In the coming months we’ll be brewing a very special batch of Citrus Lager with full proceeds ($10,000/each) going to each organization to help support their own efforts in environmental stewardship. Watch for a release announcement later this summer to find out where you can buy this limited release Citrus Lager and join us in supporting these two incredible environmental organizations!

Now we’d like you to get to know more about the 2021 Alberta Benefit Brew winner: Project Forest!

Project Forest’s mission is to create a community of likeminded businesses with a unified goal of ‘rewilding’ the Canadian landscape one forest at a time. The first such rewilding initiative is well under way at the sprawling 55 hectacres at Golden Ranches on the south shore of South Cooking Lake 30 minutes east of Edmonton.

Golden Ranches is situated in the Beaver Hills UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. This important Biosphere Reserve is one of only 18 in all of Canada highlighting the need to ensure its stewardship for many generations to come. Golden Ranches Conservation Area is owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Alberta Conservation Association, Alberta Fish and Game Association, and Edmonton and Area Land Trust who have all recognized the importance of preserving this ecological treasure. Rich in Indigenous and ecological histories dating back long before Canada’s first settlers, it was home to the first conservation and reforestation projects in Alberta. This site will be planted with 110,160 seedlings made up of 11 different species that has been carefully planned to be site specific by the Silviculturalists to thrive once they’ve been planted.

In its lifetime, one tree alone can potentially remove 1,300 pounds of CO2 from the air. Now just imagine what these 110,160 seedlings will be able to accomplish once matured! The trees have the potential to remove 143,997,131 pounds of CO2 from the air storing it in their wood and soil for the lifetime of each tree. In addition to that, these trees will provide vital habitat for a wide range of native species to flourish.

That’s why we’re pledging the full proceeds ($10,000) from the 2021 Alberta Benefit Brew. Although this specially brewed Citrus Lager won’t be hitting shelves until later this summer, we hope you’ll help us celebrate the conservation efforts of Project Forest as we approach Earth Day.

If you’d like to learn more about Project Forest’s rewilding mission or to join us in helping support their efforts please visit their site:  https://projectforest.ca/