April 1st, 2021 – Make your next session ‘Appy Hour’ with these new delicious pub-styled dishes! Since all your favourite pub snacks pair so well with our brews we thought we’d give the cook a day off and let you enjoy all the classic pub fare with our latest mixpack. The Phillips Pubpack Mixer features: Hotwings Hefeweizen, Pulled Pork Poutine Porter, Jalapeño Poppers Pilsner and Loaded Nachos Lager for a full serving of flavour. Let’s entrée-duce you to the brews:

The Hotwings Hefeweizen pours a light cloudy red from the unfiltered Belgian yeast used in the brew. The unmistakable spice of cayenne and chilli peppers are upfront on the nose rounded out by the aromas of baked chicken. The spiciness carries through on first sips with a lingering heat on the palate.

The Pulled Pork Poutine Porter pours a dark and opaque black and the roasted notes of the chocolate malt that are the backbone of this brew. The toasted bread notes of the malt complement the richness of the gravy and pork flavours with the curds coming through in the rich, cheesy head making for one delicious and savoury treat.

The Jalapeño Poppers Pilsner pours a light green from the freshly baked jalapeños poppers that are brewed with our in-house premium pale malt! The sharp spicy notes of the jalapeños are softened by the tangy notes from the locally sourced cream and mozzarella cheese with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Loaded Nachos Lager pours a sunset orange from the real cheddar cheese used in the brew. Our premium pale in-house malt provides a light backdrop for this fully loaded stack of ingredients so they can bring their own distinctive flavours to the party. This is nacho average lager, with sour cream, guac, corn, salsa and melted cheese flavours are all piled high atop a light and crispy malt base.

The Phillips Pubpack Mixer is available now at your local craft-focused liquor purveyor in BC and Alberta and ready to snack it to you at your next session!