January 28th, 2020 – When your vacation plans are on vacation, it’s time for a winter staycation; we’ve got just the ticket for you with this tropical stout! Stouts were originally brewed in the UK with a higher alcohol percentage to help preserve it on long journeys. Pretty soon local breweries, especially in the Caribbean, began to make incredible tropical versions of it themselves. Featuring noticeable sweetness, prominent fruity flavours and dry, coffee-like notes from the roasted barley, tropical stouts are also renowned for their flexibility in complementing a wide range of dishes from sweet to spicy in any kind of weather or climate.

To give our version a unique twist, we are fermenting this brew using a special strain of Kveik ale yeast, originating in Lӕrdal, Norway. Like most Kveik yeasts, this single-strain isolate ferments fast and at higher temperatures and can add subtle pineapple and orchard fruit flavours and aromas to beer. We also added a small amount of Sabro and Azacca dry hops to accentuate notes of coconut and tropical fruit.

Winter Staycation is only available for a very limited time while supplies last at select craft-focused private liquor stores throughout BC and Alberta. So don’t wait too long because this brew might be heading out of town before you know it.