December 2nd, 2020 -After initial introductions last year, Small Talk is back to continue the conversation. The 2020 edition of Small Talk features an eight barrel blend, each with their own story to tell: one rosé barrel from a BC winery and seven bourbon barrels from Heavenly Hills Distillery in Kentucky. Two of these bourbon barrels were used for aging our Puzzler Black IPA, two were used to condition our Twisted Oak Scotch Ale, another two were used to barrel-age our Crookeder Tooth, with the final barrel having previously hosted our Hammer Imperial Stout. All of these barrels came together for one scintillating conversation which we’ve captured in this latest edition of Small Talk.

Before these barrels could work their magic, our single malt whisky began right here on Vancouver Island, grown and than malted at our in-house Maltworks before being distilled in our 1920’s solid copper Scottish still. Once distilled, this mix of heavy, medium, and light style whiskies spent the next five years soaking up all the tales this eclectic mix of barrels had to tell.

Small Talk will be available for a limited time at your preferred private, craft focused liquor store on Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver while supplies last. Get yours today and join the conversation!