November 19th, 2020 – Fresh from the Fermentorium, our mad lab of everything distilled, comes the Origins Gin Showcase!  As a spirit category, “Gin” encompasses a wide category of botanically infused spirits, and its incredible versatility is highlighted in this very special limited release. Three very different gins are collectively designed to highlight the range of flavours possible; it is a choose your own adventure, where the biggest obstacle to overcome is which order to taste these delicious gin gems!

Discovery Gin is a classic citrus forward London dry style, versatile enough to be mixed or enjoyed on its own. STUMP Gin is a walk through a west coast rainforest, introducing you to a pleasant array of botanicals that grow naturally throughout Vancouver Island. Old George is a barrel-aged gin showcasing the mellowing effect barrel-aging can have, and the pleasing sweetness that the wood imparts.  All of our craft spirits are built on a foundation of 100% Vancouver Island grown barley that is malted, fermented, and distilled in our 1920’s solid copper UK still.  Previously only available in our tasting room Gin flight, this is the first time these three spirits have ventured outside the confines of our brewery.

The OriGINs Gin Showcase is available for a very limited time at your local private craft-focused retailer in BC. While it is a perfect stocking stuffer for that special craft spirit aficionado on your Christmas list, you may want to consider a second one so you can give in to your inner Scrooge and enjoy it for yourself.