Please read below for information on our COVID-19 Safety Plan for both our Tasting Room and Beer Shop.


  1. Capacity has been reduced to 49 in the tasting room, which is under 50% of previous capacity. This number is based on maintaining a minimum 2m distance or physical barrier between parties and , and capping individual parties to 6 people.
  2. Capacity in the Beer Store is limited to 6 guests at any one time to ensure proper distancing can be implemented.
  3. Clear maximum party size signage is installed on each table and work area.
  4. At the bar, stools are spaced and consumption areas marked out with tape to clearly identify seating for single occupants and ensure that social distance is maintained between those guests.
  5. Lines are mapped out on the floor to ensure guests waiting to place their order maintain proper distance from one another.


  1. One urinal in men’s washroom has been eliminated so that physical distancing can be maintained.
  2. Touchless tap functionality exists eliminating transmission risk at common use fixture.
  3. Exterior doors push open, and foot pulls have been installed on the interior to eliminate the need to touch handles.


  1. Employees are required to wash their hands upon arriving at work; before and after breaks; upon arriving at a bar for service; and every half hour.
  2. Menus, laminated signage, Plexiglas barriers, tables and stools are cleaned and sanitized between each guest use.
  3. Washrooms, light switches, and door handles are cleaned and sanitized every hour.


  1. Phillips has provided four hand sanitizer stations for guests to use free of charge.
  2. Phillips staff wear masks and gloves to reduce transmission risk.


  1. Any staff member experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19 will not come in to work.
  2. In the event that a staff member begins to exhibit symptoms in the work place, they immediately notify the floor manager and are sent home immediately. Any surfaces that the employee had contact with will be cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Phillips has reduced staffing levels where appropriate, to ensure minimum contact between staff members.
  4. Phillips staff have reviewed the information on selecting and using masks, instructions on how to use a mask, and have been trained accordingly.
  5. Phillips staff have reviewed information on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and have been trained accordingly.
  6. Phillips staff have reviewed information on handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes and have been trained accordingly.
  7. Staff are trained on identifying COVID symptoms, and play an active role in monitoring staff and guests to identify and remove anybody exhibiting symptoms.
  8. Staff are actively involved in monitoring all risks and will play an active role with their supervisor to update or change the policies in this plan as necessary.
  9. Supervisors have been trained on monitoring workers and the workplace to ensure policies and procedures are being followed.


  1. We are sorry, but used growlers are not filled at this time. Only new growler glass is filled.
  2. Fill tubes are sanitized between each use.


  1. We are not accepting cash payment currently. Tap function cards are accepted.
  2. Clear signage is posted at all entrances informing guests to not enter the premises if they are in close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or if they have experienced any COVID-19. Symptoms include:
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • New muscle aches or headache
    • Sore throat