March 18th, 2020 – Introducing the Phillips Drive-Up! For those of you looking for a hands free low risk beer buying experience we’ve got you covered and you won’t have to leave your car.


  • Park in one of the designated Drive-Up spots in our parking lot
  • Honk twice or honk “bring me beer” in morse code for service
  • A smiling staff member will come to you and take your order from a safe distance 
  • We will bring out our portable debit/credit machine with tap function and check your ID
  • Pop open your trunk and we’ll put the beer right inside your vehicle 

We will be offering this service daily 
from noon – 7pm. We’ll also be capping our inside shop to 8 customers at a time so why not take advantage of this new service? It’s like your classic drive in experience but with beer and public safety all rolled into one!