February 18th, 2020 – Space Goat returns from another mission haulin’ oats across the galaxy. Back for another orbit in a 473mL tall can, this intrepid brew is an oat pale ale that is generously dry-hopped, infusing tropical and citrus hop notes with a deep, silky oat ale texture that’s as smooth as the milky way.

Pouring a light orange and honey colour with a solid white foam. Aromas of candied lemon peel, orange sherbet and juicy fruit bubblegum are upfront on the nose. Flavours of citrus, pine needles and mild stone fruit (like peach and apricot) are rounded out with a pleasant herbal bitterness.

Space Goat is only available from private craft-focused liquor stores for a limited time so grab yours quick before it disappears to another galaxy far, far away.