November 14, 2019 – When we launched our Fermentorium Distilling Co. five years ago we wanted to bring the same creativity and dedication to craftsmanship that guided our  craft brewing program. After debuting our Stump Coastal Forest Gin and Hop Drop Elixir we are thrilled to welcome two new spirits into the fold: Discovery Gin and Small Talk Whiskey. All of our small batch spirits feature locally grown barley that is malted in house and craft-distilled in our 1923 solid copper Scottish still.

We’ve been holding our tongue over the last five years patiently waiting to share this very special limited small batch single malt whisky with you all. Now that it has matured enough to hold its own in any crowded conversation, we’re ready to get the word out.

Introductions began back in 2014 with a single malt whiskey distilled from house malted Vancouver Island grown grains. This special limited release blends whiskey that matured in a BC pinot noir wine barrel with whiskey that aged in three American Bourbon barrels, soaked in advance with dark, full-bodied Phillips beer.  The blend was meticulously selected to craft a lively experience for whisky lovers that appreciate Canadian authenticity.

VISUAL: Light golden with oily legs

AROMA: Caramel, vanilla and honey from seasoned French and American oak blend with coconut, dried fig, spice and a floral touch of hops from a barrel filled with beer to prime it for whisky aging.

TASTE: Sweet oak stretches out from a mild tannic backbone

MOUTHFEEL: An oily alcohol coating is truncated by refreshing dryness, leaving behind a tingling oak resin.

Small Talk will be available for a limited time at your preferred private, craft focused liquor store on Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver while supplies last.