October, 17, 2019 – It’s harvest season and time to reap the rewards with another delicious fresh hop yield of dreams. To celebrate we’ve got two very special fresh hop releases featuring Centennial and Cascade hops grown right here on Vancouver Island at Maple Bay Hop Farm. Each of these wet hopped brews showcase fresh hops that were brewed within 24 hrs after being picked, ensuring maximum freshness of flavour. For a limited time time you can grab these two seasonal releases from your local private craft-focused liquor store.

BRUT LUPE – Fresh Hop Brut IPA – 7.0% – 473mL

Brut Lupe our first ever Fresh Hop Brut IPA which marries champagne qualities with celebratory bubbles and delicate aromas with dry, bright notes from the fresh Centennial and Cascade hops used in the brew. Innovative brewing techniques and a unique grain bill are combined to craft this extra dry, bright and bubbly experimental release. This crisp and clean body allows for a full bouquet of floral notes with citrus flavour from the fresh Northwest hops and a bone dry finish resulting from zero residual sugar. Follow your nose!

GREEN REAPER – Fresh Hop IPA – 6.5% – 650mL

Our annual Fresh Hop IPA Green Reaper returns with this year’s crop of Maple Bay Centennial and Cascade hops. Starting with a classic west coast IPA base, the 2019 edition of Green Reaper pairs the distinctive pine, lemon peel and grapefruit flavours readily found in these two hop varietals which are enhanced by¬†subtler notes of melon and pear from the wet hop brewing techniques. All of these flavours are wrapped up with a bitter yet floral finish.