June 10th, 2019 – Our latest seasonal offering was made for the shade. Rose Coloured Glasses is a Hibiscus Wheat Ale debuting in a 473mL tallcan format. Brewed with our house-malted barley spelt malt, flaked oats and floral hops, this wheat ale sports a tropical twist that’s tart, dry and refreshing. This beer is ready to be paired with a perfect summer afternoon and your loudest Hawaiian shirt.

The fragrant hibiscus flowers added during the whirlpool give this beer a deep, pink hue along with a tangy flavour profile with floral and berry-like characters. Lemon, lime, and orange peel layer in notes of tropical fruit and fresh citrus, boosting the easy-drinking quality of this beer.

Look for this refreshing summer sipper at your local private craft-focused liquor stores. We’ll also have it in stock while supplies last right here at the brewery.