May 7th, 2018 – What’s a Levidrome you ask? If you try to look it up in the dictionary you won’t find it…yet. We’re trying to change that though. When local seven year old Levi Budd was discussing palindromes with his father, he asked what the name of the word was that spelled two different words when arranged forwards and backwards, like “pots” and “stop”, or “regal” and “lager”. Perusing the dictionary they quickly found there was no word for this, so they coined “Levidrome” in Levi’s honour. After reaching out to dictionaries like Oxford and Webster, they learned that in order to get a new word recognized, it had to be used in everyday conversation. We’re more than happy to help in the effort with Levidrome Regal Lager our latest seasonal release and a salute the creativity of a inquisitive young local!

Levidrome is a 7% imperial lager that pours a pale straw colour with light white foam. Herbal and grassy notes mingle with the noble hop and sweet malt character. Its light and balanced mouthfeel finishes with a subtle sweetness.

You’ll be able to find this latest literary seasonal in your local private craft-focused liquor store now, and hopefully Levidrome in the dictionary soon!