December 6th, 2017 – We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes to our tonic water program!! Leaving behind the Fermentorium banner, our spruced up and redesigned Sparkmouth Cucumber Mint and Sparkmouth Artisanal Dry Tonic Waters are now available in sleek 237mL slim cans, the perfect amount for that holiday cocktail.

The same great taste you know and love, made from fresh cucumber and mint, and citrus peel and white grape juice respectively, plus the bitter punch of real quinine, these tonics possess a blast of flavour, but still provide plenty of room for your spirit of choice to shine.

Available in 6 packs, you’ll find these beauties available now on the island at your local Quality Foods​, Red Barn Market​, The Market Stores​, Country Grocer​, and in the lower mainland at Stong’s Market​ and Meridian Meats & Meridian Farm Market​, plus craft focused liquor stores throughout the province. Kick up your festive season with these local, handcrafted tonics and enjoy the holidays!!