May 29th, 2017 – Introducing the new Hop Box!  We’ve mixed up our mix pack and moved it into cans for added portability and flavour stability. Now you can celebrate the beauty of the hop flavour arc wherever your next psycho-hopic trip leads, and count on the beer to taste as fresh as possible. Turn on, tune in and hop out!

The revised Hop Box is proud to include:

  • Short Wave West Coast Pale Ale, featuring a medium malt body electrified with citrus hops.
  • Bottle Rocket, sparking to life with a big hop aroma and crisp mouthfeel. Sweet citrus hop flavours are accented with subtle notes of pine.
  • Electric Unicorn White IPA will have your taste buds galloping, with its sweet banana and fruit flavours balanced against a citrus hop background.
  • Hop Circle IPA is an otherworldly IPA featuring bright citrus hops that’ll be sure to abduct your senses.

Each of these tasty four hop-forward beers contain house malted grains from our onsite Malt Works. The *new* Hop Box can be found in private craft-focused liquor stores in BC and Alberta.