November 21st, 2016 – The Holidays are almost upon us and with the number of seasonal pressures that can cause stress levels to spike, an empty beer fridge is not something you want to mess around with.  We are releasing 3 brand new seasonal bombers to make sure you’re well stocked, and to bring a bit of extra fun to your fridge for those moments of blissful indulgence.  Anxiety is a rich Belgian quad; Missile Toad is a hopped up double IPA; and Bass Shaker is a peach sour aged with oak.

All 3 seasonals are available exclusively at private craft-beer focused liquor stores.  If you find yourself in Victoria this week pop on by the brewery on Thursday between 4-6 to try all 3 on tap!

Here is a bit more on each brew:

Missile Toad Imperial IPA – 9.0%

‘Tis the season to chill back at the pad with one of these toad-ally hoppy brews.  Missile Toad is loaded with fruit forward Ella hops from across the pond (New Zealand), to create a double IPA worth croaking about.

Tropical fruit, citrus, floral and spicy—this brew covers most of the range of hoppy flavours in one bottle.  Though “balanced” is not usually associated with the IIPA style, Missile Toad drinks extremely easily with a dry finish and a bitterness that doesn’t hang around.

Anxiety Belgian Quad – 8.0%

Incessent Christmas songs, the throng of the crowd, or the wild card of relative relations–whatever your challenges this Holiday season we hope that this big, bold, malty Belgian quad helps deliver some sweet relief.

Anxiety is medium in body, pours a deep amber colour, and features aromas of sweet raisins and freshly baked bread.  Crafted with real Belgian Candi sugar and authentic Abbey yeast, phenolics and esters are slightly muted in this expression that showcases rich malts and a warming finish.

Bass Shaker Oak Aged Peach Sour – 4.8%

The Sour Note Series plays on with Bass Shaker: a sour ale brewed with peaches and aged in oak.  Like all sour ales in the series, this beer was soured with our own in-house lactobacillus strain, discovered when our maltster noticed some delicious aromas coming from our spent grain and suggested we culture it.  The result was a wonderfully tart flavour signature that is completely unique to our brewery.

On the palate, ripe peaches and careful aging with medium-plus American oak chips impart subtle nuances of sweet charred fruit and vanilla.  Very tart.