pumpkin beer

Crooked-er Tooth

September 10th - Our crooked smiles are extra wide this year because we’re doubling up on our pumkin seasonal releases!  Crooked Tooth, plucked fresh from the patch, is coming back, but this year he’s bringing an all-new super-sized seasonal, that uses a barrel-aging trick to put the finishing touches on a pumpkin treat! Crookeder Tooth is brewed full-bodied with loads of fresh pumpkin and then carefully aged in selected freshly-emptied whiskey barrels.  The result is a slightly sweet, gently spiced brew that blends fresh pumpkin flavours with soft velvet vanilla.

Crooked Tooth can be found at BC public liquor stores and private stores, while Crooked-er Tooth will be limited to private stores only.  These witches brews, packed full of fall harvest flavour, are poised to disappear quickly just like many ghostly spirits of the season, so be sure to fill your goody bag soon.